effectively ruining my life right now no lie
wow these two are so CUTE don’t you agree??? maybe I should post more of them on your dash! maybe everyone should hahah just a thought
This is part of a Disney art challenge between a friend and me and I know I’m gonna straight up lose (I’ve got two out of ten pictures with less than a week left before my deadline) but whatever, at I got these two done.

I’ll post them individually later along with  whatever else I finish
amateur fashion designer comin through
these are sketches for prom. I’m modifying my own dress for prom since I have my heart set on a tron dress inspired by this. For the most part, I’m excited because ‘whoa it’s gonna be a one-of-a-kind that I built!!!!1' but I could easily fuck up since I don't really sew. Especially sew with EL wires so….
This is gonna be an experience.
Opinions, suggestions, tips on how to go about this project are welcome!
 a warm up doodle of an angry empress
as usual I spent waaaaaay too much time on this. I just wanted to doodle my favorite (guess. just GUESS WHICH ONE) before playing dmmd and three hours later here I amyou precious routeless baby why the HELL do you have to have everything you wear buckled and bedazzled jesus CHRIST
warm up 
inspired by this
a redo of this!I don’t think Jet understands what “I’m on my shift” even means….

Jet from Avatar: The Last AirbenderMade sure my 200th post was art. I’ve been slacking with the art.I’ll talk about my feeling for this tragic son of bastard later.